How Brad Pitt fixed his image with one interview

Earlier this week, Brad Pitt opened up for the first time since his split from Angelina Jolie in an interview with a glossy magazine and revealed he struggled with alcohol addiction amid accusations that he hit his son.

Brad and Angelina (PA)

On the surface, the candid interview seemed like a brave move and part of a healing process for him and his family.

However, some might say that his chat with GQ Style magazine was a calculated attempt to fix his shattered ‘good guy’ image following an FBI investigation into his behaviour on a private jet last September and an intervention from Child Services.

The 53-year-old star shed some light on the personal struggles he’s faced and he admitted to GQ that he was downing enough booze during their marriage to “drink a Russian under the table”.

Brad Pitt ‘GQ Style’s Summer Issue 3 Covers
Credit: Ryan McGinley exclusively for GQ Style

However, it has been reported that Brad warned Angelina before he sat down to speak to the publication and according to E! News, the ‘Fight Club’ actor gave the 41-year-old beauty a heads up so there would be “no surprises” when the interview was printed.

A source said: “He’s committed to having a healthy relationship with her.”

The ‘World War Z’ star was investigated by Child Services following an alleged row with his eldest son Maddox, and says he now “refuses” to fight Angelina anymore because everyone “loses” in court.

Brad and Angelina

He said: “I was really on my back and chained to a system when Child Services was called.

“And you know, after that, we’ve been able to work together to sort this out. We’re both doing our best. I heard one lawyer say, ‘No one wins in court – it’s just a matter of who gets hurt worse.’

“And it seems to be true, you spend a year just focused on building a case to prove your point and why you’re right and why they’re wrong, and it’s just an investment in vitriolic hatred.

“I just refuse. And fortunately my partner in this agrees. It’s just very, very jarring for the kids, to suddenly have their family ripped apart. If anyone can make sense of it, we have to, with great care and delicacy, building everything around that.”

Brad went on to say he initially wanted to “cling on” to Angie, but has now grown to realise he needs to let her go.

Yet it is fair to assume that every decision about what to say in this interview will have been carefully thought through.

He said about Angelina: “The first urge is to cling on. And then you’ve got a cliche: If you love someone, set them free.

“Now I know what it means, by feeling it. It means to love without ownership. It means expecting nothing in return.”

Brad has been knocked sideways by all the drama in his life.

And with just a few well poised photos, confessions and philosphical words, Brad has turned around his disgraced public image.

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