Bramley fuel leak saga turns 'quiet village' into 'traffic chaos' - which could continue for 'up four weeks'

Large amounts of road works could continue in Bramley for up to three to four weeks amid the fuel leak saga which turned a 'nice, quiet village' into a traffic misery.

Sections of pipe need to be replaced following an historic fuel leak that has caused chaos in the village, Thames Water said.

616 houses in Bramley were given the “precautionary” instruction yesterday (30 May) to not to use their water supply for drinking, cooking or brushing their teeth until further notice. This was due to water sampling showing elevated levels of hydrocarbons,

This comes after an historic fuel leak in the area, which has also created foul smells and reeked havoc with businesses. You can read more about the eight year saga here: The full story of a Surrey fuel leak that has plagued a village, its residents and businesses for years

Speaking to SurreyLive, Tess Fayers, Thames Water's regional operations director in Bramley -Credit:SurreyLive
Speaking to SurreyLive, Tess Fayers, Thames Water's regional operations director in Bramley -Credit:SurreyLive

Speaking to SurreyLive, Tess Fayers, Thames Water's regional operations director in Bramley confirmed the water works would continue for weeks. She said today outside the bottled water station near Bramley library: “We've got work ongoing at the moment and very close to the petrol station.

"We've identified some sections of pipe that we want to replace. We've also boxed off the area that is the area of concern for us to make sure we can contain the situation. We're making those repairs and have had a good start. We're anticipating that it will take another three to four weeks to complete in total, but obviously we need to be guided by the results and the science and we will continue to be taking samples as we work through our works.

“We are removing those pipes that may have allowed contamination into the pipework, and we're removing those and replacing those with barrier pipes, so they cannot be impacted by any of the hydrocarbons that are leaching and through the soil and through the area.”

The ongoing efforts to fix the fuel leak have meant that Bramley has already seen plenty of disruption, with local councillor Jane Austin telling a public meeting this month that “We’ve had enough roadworks in the first five months of this year to last a lifetime.”

This has resulted in queues of traffic through Bramley high-street. Speaking at that recent public meeting , one local resident Lenita told SurreyLive: “I moved into Bramley about four years ago from London, wanting to be in a nice quiet village. It's just been chaos since that day. So, ever since the fuel leak emerged, the roadworks have been constant. It's just been an ongoing painful process for not just me but everybody else in the village.”

Thames Water will continue to carefully assess the situation through its monitoring programme and will work with public authorities, including UKHSA and Waverly Borough Council. The organisation has also committed to making its test results publicly available in order to reassure locals.

A Waverley Borough Council spokesperson said: “We are working closely with Thames Water and other agencies to try and mitigate the impact on residents, and we will support residents wherever possible.”

An Asda spokesperson said: “We are continuing to work closely with Thames Water and other partners to address the issues we inherited after acquiring the Bramley PFS site. We recognise the impact this has had on the residents of Bramley and share their frustrations. We are committed to working with all parties to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.”

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