What Is The Brand Behind Costco's Kirkland-Brand London Dry Gin?

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Marrying quality and value, Costo is able to keep its price lower than most other retailers through memberships and offering bulk items. The big box retailer surprises many with its house line of Kirkland spirits which come in different styles, including bourbon and vodka. But with these positives comes a raft of mystery as to who produces these fine spirits. Many may think it's Costco itself, but alas, the company isn't in the production game.

Like many other retailers with a house brand, the company enters into arrangements with manufacturers of foodstuffs, beverages, and other goods to generate a rebranded supply for Costco customers. While people may not be as curious as to who makes Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes or Ultrashine Dishwasher Pods, alcohol is a different story. Which distillery produces a specific alcohol for Costco is a major topic of discussion online.

The disappointing news for gin drinkers who need to know where Costco's stash of London Dry is coming from is that no one really knows and Costco isn't making it easy to figure out. Theories thrown up on the internet hazard guesses at some of the major players in the field, such as distillers Tanqueray and Gordon's and alcohol conglomerate Diageo.

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The Mystery Behind The Distillery

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What is known is that the gin, which is 88 proof (44% alcohol) and comes in a green glass bottle touting the "Natural Botanicals" used in its production, is distributed by Costco affiliate DC Flynt MW Domaines & Estates out of Silverton, Ohio. The company exports wine and spirits to 46 states throughout the U.S. However, while the bottle says it is made in Ohio, the company — according to the Masters of Wine — is based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Who actually puts in the work producing this gin is anyone's guess.

It would stand to reason that someone would step up to claim responsibility for a product that many online feel is an outstanding gin, especially for the price. Reviewers on Distiller have claimed that it is a "floral" tipple that is one of the brand's best buys. It has even been favorably compared to high-end gins such as Bombay Sapphire.

Costco is somewhat tight-lipped when it comes to who makes its spirits and understandably so. It stands to reason that they want you to enjoy the product on its own merits. It is also quite possible that the producers themselves don't want to divulge that they are making such a mass-market product. That said, spirits sleuths have uncovered a bevy of information around some of its beverages, such as Alexander Murray & Company's role in sourcing Costco's Kirkland Signature Scotch for the store and Costco's Kirkland Signature French Vodka that it gets from French distiller Gayant.

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