Brandenburg Gate: Man dies after crashing limousine into iconic Berlin landmark

A Polish man has died after crashing a limousine into the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Videos from the scene show a smashed up vehicle against the landmark in the German capital, which can be seen covered in black soot.

Police say the incident happened at 11.30pm local time on Sunday evening (10.30pm GMT), and say no one else was injured.

They added: "After he had reached Pariser Platz in his car, his right front wheel hit a curb, causing it to lose air.

"The car steered to the left and crashed into the second column from the right without braking.

"An emergency paramedic from an ambulance that happened to be nearby tried to administer first aid, but had to stop when the car began to smoke.

"The fire brigade, which arrived shortly afterwards, could only rescue the 26-year-old dead from the car."

Officials have said the man driving the vehicle was from Poland, with the country's ambassador in Berlin tweeting: "I can confirm that the driver of the Mercedes that crashed into the Brandenburg Gate yesterday at 11:30 pm was a Polish citizen. The car was also registered in Poland."

The landmark reopened at around 5am local time (4am GMT).

The Brandenburg Gate, perhaps Germany's most famous landmark, was built in 1791 after the then king defeated Dutch unrest.