Branding: Never lose another pitch

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I greatly enjoyed the event and thought the interaction between you both and the delegates was excellent. I found the day very stimulating and the knowledge and information you both imparted will be very helpful as I set myself off on my new career.”

Pitches are won or lost before you even start them. In this full-day course with Andy Pemberton and Andy Cowles, you will learn how to make sure you win every pitch before your deck even lands.

They will help you properly position your business so your expertise and value are not in doubt. With them, you will learn who the real customer is, and how to get ahead of the process.

In the morning you will learn how to win a pitch before it has begun, covering everything from market positioning and how to disrupt and control the process. In the afternoon you will be given a 20-minute template that ensures you weave an irresistible argument with a big emotional finish.

Course content

  • How to write a pitch email

  • What is a pitch anyway?

  • Winning before you get in the room

  • The importance of an unfair advantage

  • Positioning your brand for expertise and value

  • The 20-minute advantage

  • How to explain budget, competition and competitive advantage

  • The importance of the emotional close

This workshop can be delivered as a half-day or full-day training course.

Contact us to find out how we can deliver this workshop for your team at