Would You Be Brave Enough? Queensland Man Catches Huntsman Spider in His Hands

An Australian dad has gone viral for bravely using his bare hands to catch a huntsman spider crawling along the wall of his home.

Footage shared to TikTok by Queensland actor Stephen Walker shows him calmly catching the “little spidey” by cupping it with his hands.

Once captured, the huntsman tries to escape, but Walker remains unfazed as the creepy crawly attempts to jump out of his grasp.

“There he is,” Walker says in the video after the spider is successfully secured once more.

Walker told Storyful that he used to remove spiders using glass jars, but swapped to using his hands as he was afraid he’d might injure them.

He said that he has been bitten by a huntsman spider – which, thankfully, are not considered dangerous to humans – just once before.

“I expected to wake up the next day looking like Tom Holland, but it didn’t happen,” he joked. Credit: Stephen Walker via Storyful

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