Brave woman lowered into 50-feet-deep well to rescue stranded dog in India

A brave woman was lowered down into a 50-feet-deep well to rescue a dog in Karnataka, India. Rajani Shetty is seen being lowered down into the deep pit on April 10 where a dog had fallen down. The pooch was trapped in the well for around 16 hours before Shetty came to its rescue in Mangalore. Shetty was at home when two women informed that they heard a dog crying at the bottom of a well. With the help of her daughter and husband, Shetty was lowered into the well where she managed to attach a rope around the dog. The dog was then hauled to the surface by her husband and daughter. The footage also shows Shetty being lifted back up to the surface once the rescue is complete. Shetty then gave the dog some first aid treatment. She is famous locally for her love for dogs, she feeds around 500 pooches each day.