Brazen Bear Family Help Themselves to Picnic at Lake Tahoe

A bear family decided to join beachgoers in South Lake Tahoe, California, on Sunday, June 27, and helped themselves to a picnic while they were at it.

Footage captured by a visitor to South Lake Tahoe, who wishes to remain anonymous, shows a mother bear and three cubs eating food left on the beach.

Speaking to Storyful, the visitor said they were kayaking on the lake and were headed back for lunch when they were alerted to the bears there.

“We are local and not new to bear activity, so quickly got up and backed away as we knew they were heading straight for our food,” they said.

They said they began to shout and yell at the bears, but they remained “undeterred and focused on going through our remaining items.”

“We thought to just leave them alone and let them go on about their business and allow them to leave on their own,” the source added. Credit: Anonymous via Storyful

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