Brazilian adrenaline junkie performs an epic surf trick on a waterfall - WITHOUT A SURFBOARD

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This is the moment an adrenaline junkie from Brazil decided to perform an epic surf trick on a waterfall - without a surfboard.

Marcos Vaz witnessed the awesome feat of athletic prowess at Cachoeira do Tobogã, Paraty, Brazil.

The location is home to an amazing waterfall that is a hotspot for surfers and thrill seekers to come and try their hand at a toboggan across the water's surface.

Footage captured by Marcos shows an athlete in attendance attempting the toboggan without the aid of a surfboard and the incredible video shows him gliding across the falls with nothing but his chest and bare feet.

Marcos himself later attempted the stunt but seated.

The 33-year-old, who lives locally in Rio De Janeiro, said:

"I've seen this when I was a kid but at the time I didn't have a camera to record it.

"In the past, there were acrobatic champions on the rocks. Now, the few who do the stunts leave a cup for tips.

"I looked and didn't believe what I was seeing with my eyes. Very dangerous but boy did it seem easy. Of course I tried it later but seated."

"People can do amazing things and can find fun in simple things in nature."

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