Brazilian Toddler Calms Autistic Big Sister as She Suffers Bout of Anxiety

A three-year-old boy from Sao Lourenco in Brazil is being praised online for his kindness after he comforted his autistic sister while she was suffering from a bout of anxiety.

Footage by Izabelle Maria de Sa Freire shows her son Joseph taking care of her eight-year-old daughter Cler after he learned from his mom what helps calm his big sister down when she is feeling anxious.

De Sa Freire shared the heartwarming footage to her Instagram account, explaining in the caption that Cler, who has autism, sometimes has anxiety attacks.

According to a Google translation of the caption, De Sa Freire wrote, “Sometimes she has these crises. Joseph is always worried, today he saw me trying everything, I sat down beside her, cuddled, hugged, tried to start a conversation, and nothing worked. She cried a lot. He didn’t leave her side for a minute until he managed to get her out of the crisis. I am so grateful to God for the lives of my angels.” Credit: Izabelle Maria de Sa Freire via Storyful

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