Brazil's universities hit by massive budget cuts under Bolsonaro

There are just a few days to go until the second round of the presidential run-off in Brazil. Both incumbent Jair Bolsonaro and his left-wing rival Lula da Silva are leaving no stone unturned in trying to convince voters that they've got what it takes to lead the country going forward. Bolsonaro is considering raising the minimum wage and adjusting the salaries of civil servants for inflation. This comes as universities in the country say they're desperate after years of budget cuts imposed during his term in office. Our correspondents report.

Meanwhile, in under two weeks' time, midterm elections will be taking place in the United States, although millions of people have already cast their ballots. Democrats are fighting to keep control of Congress. But rising energy bills and high levels of inflation could mean that Republicans make gains.

Finally, Adidas drops Kanye West after anti-Semitic comments posed to his Twitter account. The decision is likely to substantially hit the singer's net worth.

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