Bread stays fresh for 15 days without going mouldy with simple tip

sliced toast bread
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Households are constantly on the lookout for savvy food storage tips, particularly when it comes to bread, which is known for its frustratingly short shelf-life.

Just like bananas, bread tends to go mouldy within a mere three to seven days if left at room temperature.

To combat this, proper sealing and storage techniques are crucial, and sometimes even popping your loaf in the fridge can extend its life.

Despite the popularity of freezing bread to preserve it, many households still prefer other methods.

In a stroke of luck, Frakking Creations has divulged a clever storage trick on YouTube that promises to keep your bread fresh and "tasting great" for up to 15 days without freezing, reports the Express.

The expert begins the video by addressing a common grievance: "Don't you hate when your bread moulds too fast and you have to waste it by throwing it out? That used to happen to us too until we found a better way to keep it fresher and mould-free for longer."

The solution is surprisingly simple: just cut holes in the bread bag and store it in the refrigerator.

This technique is equally effective for bakery bread, which typically contains fewer preservatives than its store-bought counterparts.

Before stashing your bread in the fridge, make sure to slice some holes in the bag to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside, which can lead to condensation and accelerated mould growth.

Using a pair of scissors, make small incisions around the top of the bag where it gathers before sealing. Also, add a few holes to the back and underneath the loaf.

It's advisable to start with fewer holes, then adjust based on your fridge's temperature.

The YouTuber elaborated: "When you make small cuts into the bag, the bread will slowly dry out, so you can adjust how many holes you cut to prevent the bread from drying out too much, not enough to mould and by doing this, the bread lasts longer than what you would normally expect."

However, some bread connoisseurs argue that this storage method could cause the bread to become stale, thus reducing its shelf life.

The results of the hack were then demonstrated: "So we just took this bread out of the fridge, we put the holes throughout the bag. And what you want to do when you first do this, is after a few hours, or overnight, take a look to see if there is condensation building up inside."

"In this case, you can see a little bit - it's not too bad. If you see more condensation than this or bigger drops of water, adjust how many holes are in the bag."

Regarding the longevity of the bread, the expert stated: "So today is June 1, as you can see, this is the bread that we have been keeping in the fridge."

"Best before date is May 24, and we've been able to keep it fresh, and without mould for longer than that time, simply by keeping it in the fridge and by doing this hack. Eight days longer and still tastes great."

The trick is effective due to the fridge's cold temperature and the reduction of moisture, which slows down the potential for mould growth. However, it's crucial to strike the right balance of aeration.

The purchase date of the loaf of bread remains unknown. Nonetheless, shop-bought bread typically hits the shelves five to seven days before its use-by date.

As such, this particular loaf could have remained mould-free for up to 15 days.