'Give Me a Break:' Gold Coast Woman Finds Snake Hiding in Cabinet

An Australian family were shocked to find a brown tree snake hiding in their antique radiogram cabinet on the Gold Coast.

Mandy Watson filmed video showing the snake in the cabinet. “Give me a break,” Watson says in the video as the snake rests in the radiogram, where she says she also keeps her fish food. “He knows where the fish food is.”

Watson told Storyful that she “chickened out” and called her husband, Trevor Watson, to help remove the snake.

The video goes on to show Trevor carefully bag the snake, before it’s released under a shed down the road.

Watson told Storyful that the house had been visited by a snake before. “Our cat has brought one in at night and carried it upstairs to dump it next to our bed whilst we were sleeping,” she said. Credit: Mandy Watson via Storyful

Video transcript

- OK, so he's in the radiogram, and Britt keeps the fish food in it because we've got our pond right here. And so she thought it was a bit hard to open it this morning. Yes, [MUTED]. Give me a break. Thinking it's a Night Tiger, so with the big eye. [CHUCKLES] [MUTED]. He's a big one, though. Oh my [MUTED]. So he knows where the fish food is. [LAUGHS] Oh, [MUTED]. What a day.

- So there's the head.

- Where?

- In my hand.

- OK, oh. Can you reverse the thing over the top of him?

- Yep, and he'll flip them back.

- And then grab-- grab the end of the bag.

- Just put it in the body. Put him in the-- put him in the bucket, Trev, to hold him.

- Now, tight. Now, tight. Hold, twist, twist.

- It doesn't matter.

- Yeah, no, because we twist him up and he doesn't get out, right? OK, tie him up. In the bag, hey, Trev.

- Ssh.

- [LAUGHS] Holy [MUTED]. Nice and tight. So we'll take it down and drop it off at Renee's. [LAUGHS] Sorry, Renee. I'm just kidding.

- All right.

- In the bucket?

- Oh, he's had a bit of a piss.

- Oh, stop.

- Just put him in there gently.

- Good on you, Trev.

- Go.

- Thanks. Back to work.

- No worries.


- Champion.

- All right.

- [LAUGHS] Love you.

- Ugh. Ugh.

- Come on, out you go, little snakey. Here he comes. Go on. Out you go. Oh, he's in the [MUTED] fold. Here you go. Come on. Out. I've got you a nice little home. Come on. Come on. Out you go. Out. Come on. I've got you a nice little joy shed. Come on. Out you go. Yehey. Look at you. Happy days. Nice and dry.

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