Breaking Bad Does Some Good For Homeless

Breaking Bad Does Some Good For Homeless

Breaking Bad, a TV series about methamphetamine dealers in Albuquerque, is helping homeless people in the city.

Joy Junction , New Mexico's largest emergency shelter, said the show recently donated boxes of clothing worn by cast members from past episodes.

Charity CEO Jeremy Reynalds said the clothes would be on sale at the shelter's thrift store from Wednesday.

He said the donated items would also give Breaking Bad fans an opportunity to buy pieces of memorabilia from the series.

"Fans love the show, so it's just great that we can give some of them a lasting memory and while so doing help Joy Junction as well," he explained.

The thrift store will be open seven days a week at the shelter, but will not be selling clothing online. It is also unclear exactly which items have been donated.

Breaking Bad follows chemistry teacher Walter White, played by Malcolm In The Middle's Bryan Cranston, who discovers he has cancer.

In order to provide for his family before he dies, he begins producing and selling methamphetamine with former student Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul.

The series is filmed in Albuquerque and is currently shooting its final season.

Joy Junction is raising money for a new chapel, dormitory and women's centre, but the thrift store is not the only place fans of the show can purchase clothing.

Albuquerque's Candy Lady store sells replicas of the "Heisenberg" hat - the black pork pie hat worn by Cranston's character when he is conducting drug business under his alter ego Heisenberg.

It also sells sweets that look like Walter White's signature blue meth.

"All this Breaking Bad is selling like crazy," said owner Debbie Ball. "The show has really grabbed fans who want anything related to it."

The Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau recently created a website of the show's most popular places around town to help tourists navigate.

Ball also offers tours of famous Albuquerque scenes from the show in a limousine with a tour guide dressed as Walter White.