Breaking Down The Shocking ‘Loki’ Season 2 Season Finale

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Breaking Down The ‘Loki’ Season 2 Season FinaleMarvel Studios

The season 2 finale of Loki has vaulted the series to the top as one of the most important and also one of the most incredible pieces that has come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Loki tried and tried and tried to figure out a way to save the TVA, the timelines, and most importantly his friends, he had to find his glorious purpose and, in doing so, just completely changed the game. So what exactly did the God of Mischief do?

Here is the ultimate recap of Loki's season 2 finale.

So the time slipping...

As we learned in the last episode, Loki has figured out how to control his time slipping. Now being able to travel throughout space and time, Loki decides to travel back to right before the Temporal Loom explodes in order to find a way to stop the explosion from happening. He fails and continues to go back more and more until he finally realizes that trying to save the loom wouldn't help and he needs to figure out an alternative way to stop it from exploding.

He figures out that the best way would be to try to stop Sylvie from killing He Who Remains as his death is the reason why all of this is happening in the first place. Loki time slips back to the moment right before she kills him to try to reason with her, but continues to fail despite his multiple attempts to do so.

At one point, He Who Remains stops time to talk to Loki outside of it and reveals that the Temporal Loom is actually a failsafe to keep the Sacred Timeline and nothing else intact. This means that Loki's only two options are to let all the timelines die out with the Temporal Loom except for the Sacred Timeline or to kill Sylvie before she kills He Who Remains.

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What does he pick?!

Loki is actually unable to make a decision right away so he decides to go back to the first time that Mobius interrogated him in the memory theater. Loki asks him how the TVA decides who lives or dies and Mobius lets him know that it's done in order to protect people. And even though some people will be lost along the way, "most purpose is more burden than glory." Mobius also reveals that the person who actually let a variant go one time is actually Renslayer, further revealing why she is very serious about pruning and protecting the Sacred Timeline. Mobius also tells him that it all still hurts and it is like "scar tissue," proving that members of the TVA do, in fact, feel emotion even when having to get rid of timelines.

Loki then decides to go visit Sylvie back in A.D. Doug's lab as the timeline was unraveling. She realizes that the only way to stop everything would be to kill her and that she will not be giving him her blessing to do so. She notes that she will continue to stop at nothing to give people free will even if it means the end to everything. Loki realizes that the only way to save all the timelines is to "replace the thing with something better."

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What does that mean?!

Exactly what he meant. Loki decides to travel back to when the Temporal Loom was shutting down and replace himself with Victor Timely. Instead of trying to save it, he destroys it and he slowly transforms into the God of Stories. The timelines start to die out, but using his powers, he brings them all back to life one by one. He also slowly walks towards the End of Time, which looks destroyed but still includes a throne.

Loki takes his place as the God of Stories and holds the timelines together, forming a tree-like time structure (AKA Yggdrasil). This also means that for the rest of time, Loki will be alone, but also will oversee his family and friends forever.

Wait, is this the end of Loki?!

It sure seems that way especially as Loki is unable to really leave or risk the timelines dying again.

The TVA is revived and continues to monitor any Kang variants that may pop up, even hinting at Ant-Man's encounter with one of them. Mobious tells B-15 that he is leaving the TVA, while Casey and OB revive Miss Minutes and OB also lists Victor Timely as co-author of the TVA handbook, however, a flashback shows that he never receives the handbook as expected. Renslayer wakes up in the Void. but Alioth takes notice of her before the screen fades to black, making her fate a mystery.

Mobius, back in a timeline, overlooks his true self, Don, from afar. Sylvie joins him and asks him what plans he has now that he has time. He notes that he will stay behind there a bit and "let time pass." The scene shifts back to Loki, sitting on the throne, overhearing his friend and slightly smiling knowing he has achieved his true glorious purpose.

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What does this mean for the MCU?

Well, Loki has essentially taken He Who Remains's place in the timeline, which will definitely shake things up. This is also possibly the last time we will ever see Loki, although, anything is possible in the MCU.

Loki himself turns from the God of Mischief into the God of Stories, protecting time and everyone's life. Whether any other people like Thor will learn the truth remains to be seen, but there's also a chance that Loki might be able to help everyone from afar now that he can see things happening.

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