'Breastfeeding My Boyfriend' star says practice ‘makes her feel more of a woman’

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Lana and Shawn in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (Channel 4)
Lana and Shawn in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend. (Channel 4)

A women on Channel 4 series Breastfeeding My Boyfriend has defended the practice as it “makes her feel like a sexier women”.

Lana Michaels and fiancé Shawn take centre stage in the new documentary series, which discusses the growing popularity in adult breastfeeding.

In all cases shown on the episode, this was related to eroticism and sexual practices by those who find breastfeeding sexy.

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The couple met via a vegan dating app, with Lana using breastfeeding with her other half as a type of foreplay before sex.

Lana and Shawn in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (Channel 4)
Lana and Shawn in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend. (Channel 4)

In order to get enough milk, Lana started taking milk producing supplements, as well as breast pumping, in order to allow Shawn feed twice a week.

She had previously breastfed her two children, an 11-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter, but her lactation stopped four years ago.

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Opening up about their sexual practices, Lana explains: “I used to feel when breastfeeding a great sense of love, and it was just unconditional love. That’s what I missed and that’s what made me want to start doing it again with my boyfriend.”

“Having breast milk makes me feel sexier, more confident and more of a woman,” she added.

“I always had a big attraction for her when she was pregnant and I think this was a natural kink for us to try. I think we liked it from the beginning,” Shawn said.

The couple also allowed cameras to film the couple suckling, with them both saying they hoped the practice would become more mainstream. They currently have an adults only subscription site, with Lana sometimes making videos involving suckling Shawn.

Following her participation, Lana wrote on Instagram: Thank you [Channel 4] and [Nineteen 11 Television] for portraying the topic so well. We are extremely thankful and motivated to continue to normalize taboos!

Milky Mummy in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend (Channel 4)
Milky Mummy in Breastfeeding My Boyfriend. (Channel 4)

"Also thank you to all the people that have followed and supported us this far, we are all in this together!"

However, some viewers found the show hard to stomach, with others claiming that it is promoting the sexualisation of breastfeeding that makes it hard for women to feed their babies in public.

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"What annoyed me about this show is how sexualised some of the couples made it," one said. "This is why many women feel uncomfortable to breastfeed their babies in public, because of the sexual connotations people have attached to it."

"#breastfeedingmyboyfriend - really? There's still a hideous taboo for women who breastfeed their babies in public, this is just sexualising a very natural process and making it more of an issue, when it should never have been an issue at all," wrote another.

However, some defended the programme, arguing that we already use milk from other animals, mainly cows.

"The #breastfeedingmyboyfriend tweets are so un-self-aware being that the majority of humans on earth consume breast milk from an other, unrelated, species regardless of age," one argued.

"Ok, so this #breastfeedingmyboyfriend thing...what goes on in people's private lives is totally up to them," said another.

"Personally, I would not feel comfortable doing this and would rather donate to parents who want to breastfeed but can't if I had an overabundance of milk available."

Elsewhere on the show, a couple who had created porn videos based on adult breastfeeding talked about the underground community around the adult breastfeeding, having uploaded their films online.

Another woman, who works under pseudonym Milky Mummy, also revealed the lucrative business she’s created thanks to her ability to lactate.

She shares videos of herself milking her breasts online, earning a fanbase and thousands for the efforts.

“It might seem like a weird kind of thing to some people – making money from squeezing my breasts – but I’ve made £30,000 for about three hours of work a week,” she said.

“I was just getting requests all the time for lactation videos… people were asking me to drink my own milk and drink from my own nipple.”

Breastfeeding My Boyfriend is available to stream on All4.

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