Brenda from Bristol: I'm loving the attention after my General Election interview went viral

Jessica Morgan

A woman from Bristol whose nonplussed response to news of the General Election sparked a wave of support across the country has told reporters she cannot believe her new "celebrity" status.

Brenda from Bristol caused a stir this week when she was asked what she thought of the election and replied: "You’re joking? Not another one!”

“Oh for God’s sake, I can’t honestly... I can’t stand this.

“There’s too much politics going on at the moment. Why does she need to do it?”

She was later tracked down by BBC reporter John Kay who asked her what she thought of her newfound fame.

She said she “doesn’t even know what trending on Twitter means” because she doesn’t own a computer and was stunned that her reaction had been viewed by so many people across the world.

The pensioner had been inundated with offers of interviews following her first appearances on screen.

She said: “I can’t believe all this! This is absolutely weird.

"There's hardly anybody in any of the parties that you'd put your life on the line for.

"We need somebody who's got a little bit of guts to get us all going."