Brent Council confirms situation for homeless families during Taylor Swift Eras Tour shows in London

Swift will perform three shows at Wembley Stadium in London in June
-Credit: (Image: Gareth Cattermole/TAS24/Getty Images)

A London council has confirmed their decision on whether homeless families will be affected by Taylor Swift's Eras Tour shows, which will be performed at Wembley Stadium in June and August this year. In Edinburgh, it was first reported that homeless people faced being relocated outside the city due to lack of accommodation during the Eras Tour shows.

Edinburgh Council said it was working with affected households to find appropriate, alternative accommodation due to a huge influx in tourists expected during the three shows at Murrayfield Stadium. However, a day later, Edinburgh City Council blamed a "housing emergency" for a lack of homeless accommodation during the pop star's shows.

The local authority said it wasn't removing homeless people to "make way" for fans, but rather that it may struggle to book accommodation for them due to a surge in demand for tourist accommodation around the time of the US singer's appearances in the Scottish capital. With Taylor Swift arriving in London on June 21, MyLondon contacted Brent Council, where Wembley Stadium is located, to ask them whether homeless people in London will also be affected.

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A spokesperson for Brent Council stated that homeless families will not be affected by the performances at Wembley Stadium over the summer. Brent Council say they do not use commercial hotels as temporary accommodation for homeless people "unless in an emergency".

Peter Gadsdon, Corporate Director Partnerships, Housing and Resident Services, said: "We don't use commercial hotels as temporary accommodation for those facing homelessness unless in an emergency and even in those cases, it is only a short term measure until more suitable temporary accommodation can be found. Homeless families will therefore be unaffected by Taylor Swift's shows at Wembley Stadium over the summer."

It's not uncommon for local authorities in London to use hotels as temporary accommodation. MyLondon has previously reported on a homeless Kingston family stuck in a Travelodge for months. We also reported last month on a mum who was put up in a hotel overlooking the graveyard where her son was laid to rest. And last year we reported on how Newham Council was having to fork out over £1,000 per hotel room to put up families in urgent need of a roof over their heads.

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