Bret Baier says he will 'continue to present the facts' after fact-checking Trump’s voter fraud claims

Fox News’s Bret Baier fact-checked former President Donald Trump on Monday, going one-by-one through a list of election fraud claims Trump made in a statement released on Friday about his loss in Arizona.

“The former president points to a third-party audit presented to the Arizona state senate showing 168,000 ballots were printed on illegal paper. An elections official in Maricopa County says it uses paper approved by Dominion Voting Systems, which makes the tabulation equipment,” Baier said, later adding, “Former President Trump says 74,000 mail-in ballots were received that were never mailed. That claim appears to be based on data that does not show the total mail-in vote. It does not reflect the total early vote either, something acknowledged by the third-party audit itself.”

Baier went on to address Trump’s claims about voter rolls, election servers, and a long-debunked allegation about access logs.

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