Brewdog advert banned after claiming fruity beer was 'one of your five-a-day'

Brewdog advert banned after 'misleading' claims (PA/Simon Jacobs) <i>(Image: PA/Simon Jacobs)</i>
Brewdog advert banned after 'misleading' claims (PA/Simon Jacobs) (Image: PA/Simon Jacobs)

A "misleading" Brewdog advert has been banned after claiming that its fruit-flavoured beers counted as "one of your five-a-day."

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is a self-regulatory organisation, contested the use of the phrase in an email sent out to customers on July 20 this year.

The email made the assertion in relation to the promotion of its Lost In Guava, Pineapple Punch, and Lost In Lychee & Lime beverages.

However, Brewdog defended its marketing materials, saying that its usual customers are well-aware of its "playful" style and will have noticed the "tongue-in-cheek remark."

It added that most people are aware that the fruit contained in beer is not an adequate substitute for fruit in a healthy diet.

Despite these protests, the regulator upheld a complaint that the email was misleading and has warned the Scottish-based brewing company to be more cautious in the future.

Bournemouth Echo: PA/Simon Jacobs - The ASA upheld a complaint against Brewdog
Bournemouth Echo: PA/Simon Jacobs - The ASA upheld a complaint against Brewdog

PA/Simon Jacobs - The ASA upheld a complaint against Brewdog (Image: PA/Simon Jacobs)

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The ASA acknowledged that the promotional email “might be interpreted by some consumers as a humorous nod to the fruit flavoured beers featured.”

Adding: "However, because the claim referred to well-known government advice on health and wellbeing, we considered that, in general, consumers would not expect advertisers to include such claims unless the advertised product was recognised as meeting the requirements of that advice.

“Further, the claim appeared in the email’s subject heading, which we considered positioned it as a key element of the ad’s message.”

The watchdog said that because of the unusually high amount of fruit in the products, some consumers may interpret these claims as true.

The ASA warned the firm that the advert must not appear in people's inboxes again, saying: “We told BrewDog to ensure that their future ads did not misleadingly imply that alcoholic beverages counted towards the five daily portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by government guidelines.”

A spokesperson from Brewdog commented on the ruling, saying: "We respect the ASA’s decision and are happy to confirm that beer is not a fruit or a vegetable.”