Mum shouted 'I'm going' as she choked to death in front of daughter at Brewers Fayre

Karen Hopkins died after choking inside Brewers Fayre in Ebbw Vale, Wales. (Wales News)

A mum shouted "I'm going, I'm going" before she collapsed and died after choking on a mixed grill dinner at a restaurant, an inquest has heard.

Karen Hopkins, 47, called out in desperation when she got into trouble at Brewers Fayre in Ebbw Vale, Wales, while out with her 27-year-old daughter Rhiannon.

Ten minutes into their evening meal on 23 August last year, care assistant Karen, of Tredegar, Gwent, began to choke on a bone.

In a statement, Rhiannon described how she battled to save her mum’s life.

Karen Hopkins choked on a bone in her mixed grill. (Wales News)

Rhiannon said: "I asked her if she was OK and she shook her head, she was unable to speak because she was choking so I slapped her back.

"Someone came over and did the Heimlich manoeuvre on her two times. This worked and some frothy brown liquid came out.

"She tried to put her hand to her mouth as if she was trying to grab something and she said 'I'm going, I'm going' before collapsing to the floor unresponsive.

"I screamed 'someone call an ambulance she's choking'."

Karen Hopkins’ daughter Rhiannon, 27, desperately tried to save her. (Wales News)

Gwent Coroner's Court heard that an ambulance arrived but that 25 minutes later Karen was pronounced dead.

A post-mortem examination found residual food bones in Ms Hopkins' larynx.


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Senior Gwent coroner Caroline Saunders gave a conclusion of accidental death.

She said: "Karen Hopkins died on August 23, 2019, in Brewers Fayre in Ebbw Vale after choking on a meal.

"Her airway became obstructed and she died from the hypoxic effect of airway obstruction."