Brexit Briefing: Brussels Picks Its Cherries

Owen Bennett
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    Seven 7 hundred trawler use to go out of Tyneside before we joined the Common Market . Now your lucky if there's three .
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    If May gives in over fishing she will be finished, as well as immigration it was one of the main things people voted brexit for. Even giving a little bit of our coastal waters away to Brussels is unacceptable. We have to make it known to May, thats its not negotiable !
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    One of the many reasons for Brexit as I recall was to give the fishing rights back to fishermen in Scotland. Of course the EU want to keep there hands in our fishing waters.
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    Stuff Brussels and tell them where to go, Mrs. May. That Heath person should never ever have taken us into the Common Market in the first place. The sooner we are out of there, the better.
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    It is looking more like a hard Brexit, where we take back control of our country.
    I can not see a big problem in trading under WTO rules as we run a surplus with the EU.
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    Fisheries was/were supposed to be one if our big sticking points. If we give way on this and on staying in the single market and customs union etc what the hell was the point of telling us we were leaving?
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    The fishing grounds are part of our land . If they can do that then they can take over England ,Scotland and Wales and Britain will not really have a government .
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    I am a fisherman and have been since I was a kid. During that time I have seen our fleet decimated while the EU boats have multiplied and raped our waters. Nothing short of the full return of our fishing grounds will do. Renege on this and all hell will break loose.

    We have had it tough for decades and struggled to survive. Brexit is our chance to take back what is ours and to protect it from the EU rogues who have all but destroyed it.
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    The EU has decimated our fishing grounds. No more.
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    Its a Huffington post report so about as true as Fairies at the bottom of the Garden.