Brexit is the fault of "stupid, catfighting" Tories , claims EU's chief negotiatior

And angry leading MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, claimed on Wednesday that Brexit was all down to Tory party “stupidity”.

The Belgian also claimed that the row over Brexit was a “catfight that got out of hand” and that Britain would one day try to rejoin the EU.

Verhofstadt, one of the EU’s leading Brexit negotiators, was speaking in Brussels at the European Parliament as MEPs voted on negotiation plans for the UK’s exit.

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Verhofstadt said: “There will be, one day or another, a young man or woman who will try again, who will lead Britain again into the European family once again, and a young generation that will see Brexit for what it really is – a cat-fight in the Conservative Party that got out of hand, a loss of time, a waste of energy and a stupidity.”

His words came during a feisty debate in the parliament.

The claims comes just a week after Article 50 was triggered by the UK (Rex)

UKIP’s Nigel Farage told other MEP’s that they were acting like “the Mafia”.

When he was slapped down by the parlaiment’s president for using the word “Mafia”, he changed his remark to “gangsters”.

And he added that the EU’s demand for a divorce payment – estimated to be as much as £50 billion – was “a form of ransom demand”.

But Verhofstadt countered that Britain would have to pay its way out of the EU club, as MEPS were told if someone has to leave the family home, they still pay bills.

Britain and the EU are set for long negotiations over Brexit (Rex)

Following the debate, the MEPs backed Verhofstadt’s by a large margin.

The vote set out the soon-to-be 27-nation bloc’s principles for withdrawal negotiations and insisted Britain must meet all its financial obligations when it comes to leaving the EU.