The Brexit headlines we’ll remember in years to come

Newspapers have been reacting on this momentous day in the history of the European Union, the day the UK officially filed the divorce papers with Brussels.

And some headlines are likely to be remembered in years to come when the impact of this decision by the British people becomes clearer.

“Dover and out” said the Sun, while the Daily Mirror said “Dear EU, it’s time to go”.

“Britain steps into the unknown,” said the Guardian headline, while the Daily Mail simply said “Freedom!”

The Times’ headline was: “The eyes of history are watching”.

In France, one of the papers, Liberation, summed it up with “We miss you already”, but then adds in a sub text “or maybe not”.

In Germany, in strange German-English, Die Welt said “Dear Brits, ze door is schtill open”, while Tagesspiegel said “Separation hurts”.

In Italy one paper just said “Brexit time” while Spain’s El Pais said Brexit will “define the future of Europe”.