Brexit is putting EU students off UK universities

Nick Reilly
EU students are being deterred from studying in the UK( REUTERS/Toby Melville)

Thousands of students from across the EU are planning to avoid studying at British universities because of Brexit, after failing to realise that tuition fees will be protected for the next academic year.

According to the International Student Survey, Brexit has deterred two fifths of students from the EU, although only one in ten students from outside the continent have been put off.

Almost a third of students were reportedly unaware that they will pay the same fees as domestic students for the duration of their course if they choose to begin in 2018-19.

From the 67,000 students questioned, it was also revealed that students from countries outside the EU saw Brexit as an opportunity to increase their chance of studying in the UK.


Specifically, students from Pakistan, Ethiopia and China revealed that they would be more likely to study in the UK as a result of the pound dropping in value.

But if the UK is to remain its educational prestige, it seems that a strong welcome must be on offer – with 69 percent of respondents claiming that the way they are embraced remains an important consideration. 

Now is the time for the UK government to work with the higher education sector to develop a . . . programme of engagement in key target markets to help promote one of the UK’s greatest exports — higher education’, the report added.