Brian Dowling reveals all about using his sister as a surrogate

Brian Dowling discusses his surrogacy journey credit:Bang Showbiz
Brian Dowling discusses his surrogacy journey credit:Bang Showbiz

Brian Dowling thinks it is "important" that fans hear from his sister Aoife after she carried his baby,

The 44-year-old TV star welcomed Blake Maria Rose with husband Arthur Gourounlian last September after his sister carried the baby via surrogate and is now fronting a documentary to showcase the journey and explained that there was "no legislation" for surrogacy in his home country.

He told Chic magazine: "I think that we wanted to do the documentary to kind of showcase what it was like, in this day and age, to have a baby through surrogacy - especially in Ireland, in a country at the time where there was no legislation regarding surrogacy, and from a same-sex couple.

"Surrogacy affects loads of families. And I think that people probably won't realise how emotional it really was and what goes in to all of that.

"They're going to get a chance to hear from Aoife, to see her being interviewed and going about her day."

Brian - who shot to fame when he won 'Big Brother' in 2001 - went on to add that while the process of the shoot was not "nerve-wracking", it was still "scary" because he and his husband had to consider how "vulnerable" they would appear to be on camera.

He added: "Obviously, it's part of the jobs that we do I started in reality TV when I won Big Brother in 2001. So it wasn't that (it was nerve-wracking). What was scary was how open are we going to be? How vulnerable are we going to be? And how much are we going to share? But I think that we shared the right amount. We feel like being vulnerable can be a good thing, showing the emotion and how you're feeling." Arthur told how when they began the filming process, they said that "either we're going to go in 100% or nothing!"

'Brian and Arthur's Very Modern Family' airs on Monday March 13.