Brick pavilion displayed at Bangkok Design Week in Thailand

Footage shows a pavilion made from terracotta bricks at the Bangkok Design Week in Thailand on July 7. The structure was displayed by Japanese company Nikken Sekkei who claimed that 'not only is it a 100 per cent recyclable material, but it also may be able to control the temperature inside buildings and delay the heat emission'. They added: 'With its building method and layout having been revamped to allow for greater flexibility and variation of use, the pavilion is going to be a public space that gives visitors comfortable air by giving moisture to the bricks and returning moisture to the atmosphere. The annual event in the Thai capital sees inventors and developers from across Thailand display their creations. Organisers said the light show was to 'promote and support the modern media design industry in Thailand to become widespread and advance comparable to the world standard and gives young designers the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their potential to the public'.

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