Woman In Wedding Dress Drowns At Waterfall

Woman In Wedding Dress Drowns At Waterfall

A woman has drowned after she was pulled under water by her saturated wedding dress while having photographs taken near waterfalls in Canada.

Quebec provincial police said the unnamed woman's body was recovered four hours after she disappeared under the water at Dorwin Falls.

Police initially said she had fallen from a cliff and fallen into the waterfall, but later corrected that report.

The woman, from Montreal, was married on June 9, but was having photos taken in her dress at the picturesque location in Rawdon, near Quebec.

While she was being photographed with her feet in the water, the dress became saturated and she was unable to remain above the surface, police said.

The photographer and a bystander tried to rescue her but were unable to save her because of the weight of the dress, Sergeant Ronalid McInnis said.

She slipped under the water and her body was eventually recovered in a basin around 100ft away by a diver.

Sgt McInnis said two witnesses had to be hospitalised and treated for shock.

He added: "The photographer put down his equipment and tried to save her. He grabbed her with his hands.

"One witness tried to help, but they couldn't save her. The dress was too heavy."

The Dorwin Falls, at their highest point, are just under 60ft high.

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