Bride fired on her wedding day after receiving text from boss

A bride claims to have been fired on her wedding day
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A woman has shared how she was fired on what was meant to be the happiest day of her life. Amanda had travelled to Cyprus with her loved ones to get married and checked her phone to see who had sent her good wishes.

But the woman noticed that she had been removed from her work group chats and saw that her boss had sent her a text message. In it, they had told her that she was fired due to 'poor performance'.

She had worked at the unnamed company for four months, Amanda told YouTuber Ben Askins. She said: "I got married last week in Cyprus. On my wedding day, half an hour after the ceremony, I got a text from my boss on WhatsApp to let me know I had been fired.

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"She started the message [by saying] 'I hope your wedding went well and that you had a nice time away. I just wanted to let you know that the decision has been made to unfortunately let you go. An email has been sent to your personal email address detailing this. I am really sorry that it didn't work out and wish you all the best moving forward'."

Ben Askins - who offers advice on work and jobs on his channel - claimed the message was "one of the worst things" he had ever heard. He went on to dub the company's decision to fire her over text on her wedding day "evil" and "utterly despicable".

Amanda said she was on her "last couple of drinks" for the night when she checked her phone. She then knew she had to check her emails, despite it being her wedding day, and discovered the reason she had been fired.

The email allegedly stated: "This email is to inform you that your employment will be terminated effective the 20th of May 2024. Your employment has been terminated as we unfortunately feel your performance doesn't meet the expectations we require for the role.

"You are entitled to one week's notice, we will not require you to work during the notice period." The woman explained she had only been at the company for four months and had already seen other people fired from their roles while she was there, all of whom had only worked for a few months before being let go.

She went on to say that she was never given a performance review and was never told there were areas she required improvement. When she emailed to ask for more clarification on what the expected performance was, she was reportedly ignored.

The woman has now filed for job seeker's allowance and is actively hunting for another job, while also talking to workplace experts at Acas about potentially filing a discrimination claim against her former employer.

YouTube host Ben told her: "I promise there are a lot of companies who will quite rightly value someone like you. Whatever happens, if there's one thing you take away from our call, do not let what they said to you knock your confidence in regard to your ability to do the job.

"People who did what they did to you on someone's wedding day are not people you take seriously in regards to any sort of level of intelligence or quality of human being in any sense of the word. They are just an awful company."

One YouTube comment claimed to be from a wedding guest. They wrote: "I was front row to this s**t show. Ruined her day. I was so angry for the couple.

"She was given glowing feedback while working and then to have this on her wedding day. I'm very proud of her for not laying down and taking it and I'm glad that in some ways this company is going to be shown to be the horrible company they are. I appreciate Ben giving her a voice too."