Bride-to-be taken aback by fiancé’s comment about weddings: ‘I think this is a common belief’

A bride-to-be was startled by a comment her fiancé made about weddings in general.

She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum to share their thoughts on the issue. Her soon-to-be husband said that weddings were just for the bride. She felt like it was an unfair way of looking at the ceremony.

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“Hi everyone, so last night my fiancé (the groom) mentioned that the wedding is all about the bride and is centered around her,” she wrote.

“I’m the bride and I felt sort of frustrated because it made it seem like it was taking away from it being our day. I’m curious to know others thoughts on this. Is the wedding mostly about the bride or both the bride and groom?”

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Redditors felt it was a popular notion but a damaging one.

“I think this is a common belief. But I do not agree with it. It actually means that brides do all the work, and the groom just shows up,” a user said.

“Most modern people would say that the wedding is equally about both people, as it should be. But also, it is still very standard that the majority if not all the planning work falls on the female partner,” a person wrote.

“I feel very strongly that a wedding is about both members of the wedding couple equally, and our wedding reflects that,” another added.

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