Bride-to-be sacrifices wedding day to pay for £3k lizard chemotherapy

Gaby Leslie

A woman delayed her wedding day so that she could afford chemotherapy treatment costing more than £3,000 for her sick pet lizard.

Lizard fan Lizzie Griffiths, 25, made the huge sacrifice so that her bearded dragon George could undergo chemo – the first treatment of its kind for the exotic species in the UK.

Teacher Miss Griffiths, of Purley, South London, discovered that George had developed a tumour on his face after adopting him from an animal rescue centre in 2011.

She refused to have the reptile put down and talked fiancé Chris Fisher into using their wedding fund to pay for the treatment.

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The bride-to-be told The Sun: “I fell in love with George the minute I saw him and knew I’d do anything to look after him properly. So right now, we can’t afford a wedding.”

Speaking with Yahoo! New, a spokesman for the Amphibian and Reptile Groups UK (ARG UK) said: “It’s fantastic that someone thinks so passionately about their lizard. The world would be a better place if someone cared that much for an animal.”

George is currently on the mend and is said to be in remission after the treatment.