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Bridesmaids cut up their dresses after wedding ceremony and proudly show off results

Most bridesmaids know going into it that whatever dress they wear to their friend’s wedding will likely be a one-time-only thing. After that, it will sit in the back of their closet, collecting dust for years since it never really seems to work for any other occasion.

That could be why one group of bridesmaids on TikTok decided to have a little “fun” with their gowns by taking a scissor to them.

But this didn’t happen after the wedding was over — instead, it happened in between the ceremony and the reception, which was definitely a risky move.

The story was shared by a TikToker named Emma (@emma.league), who was just one of many bridesmaids in a recent wedding. All of the women wore long-sleeved, floor-length gowns that had a side slit going up one leg. But for reasons unknown, they jointly decided to cut the dresses in the bridal suite, turning them from maxi dresses to mini dresses within a matter of minutes.

In the comments, people seemed both shocked and anxious over the decision.

“Please tell me the bride knew and was ok with this,” one person wrote.

“Was she mad,” asked someone else.

“I would’ve been the one bridesmaid to object bc there’s no chance I’d shave my legs knowing I was wearing a long dress,” another person joked.

After dozens of people begged to see the end results, Emma obliged, sharing a series of photos of all the women standing around in their shortened dresses.

By the looks of things, the bride seemed totally fine with the decision and even happily posed alongside her bridesmaids for the reception photos. Presumably, the bridesmaids also had a better time dancing in shorter skirts instead of tripping over the bottoms of their gowns all night.

In the comments, people who were previously shocked by the whole thing admitted that it actually kinda worked.

“I pictured it worse but not bad,” one person commented. “Not perfect but not bad.”

“I’ll admit, I did not trust the process,” said someone else. “This is cute.”

“I was scared, but you all look so cute with them short,” added another.

One person said the shorter cut actually made them all look like “fairy dresses,” while another applauded the women on remembering to get spray tans before the wedding.

According to a follow-up comment from Emma, the whole thing was planned beforehand, so it wasn’t exactly a shock to the bride. That said, there did appear to be one hold-out among the group. As one eagle-eyed viewer noticed in the second video, one of the bridesmaids was still rocking the original floor-length gown at the reception.

But hey, as long as everyone had fun, right?

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