Bridgerton: Wait, who is Cousin Jack Featherington again?

Bridgerton season three part two is *finally* here, giving us all the more Polin goodness to indulge in. The new episodes also delve further into Penelope Featherington's family situation, with her mother, Lady Featherington, being greeted by a lawyer looking into Cousin Jack's financial situation in episode five. But wait, what's the situation again?

Now that we've unpacked all of the family trees from the ton, we need a recap of what's actually happened in the Featherington family household. Like, where is Lord Featherington? Why is Lady Featherington so obsessed with a male heir?

A reminder of who Cousin Jack Featherington is

Lady Featherington and her three daughters — Prudence, Philippa, and Penelope - suffered the loss of their husband and father in season one, with Cousin Jack arriving in season two, insisting he is the rightful heir to the Featherington estate.

Rather than letting him evict them from their home, Lady Featherington devises a plan to make Jack marry his daughter Prudence, scheming for them to be 'stumbled across' while they were alone, meaning they had to marry each other.

bridgerton wait, who is cousin jack featherington again

However, her plan is scuppered when Jack reveals he is actually penniless, and his precious mine in America is actually baron. So the pair team up to convince rich members of the ton to invest in his business, instead planning to pocket the money themselves.

Only, in classic Lady Featherington style, she double crosses cousin Jack and keeps the money for herself, with none other than Colin Bridgerton eventually discovering what they're up to, and calling out Cousin Jack to Lady Featherington and Penelope.

bridgerton wait, who is cousin jack featherington again

Cousin Jack is then forced to flee, with Lady Featherington forging a document that will pass the Featherington title and estate to one of her daughters, when one of them gives birth to a son. Hence her desire for a grandchild in season three.

So, what happens with Jack Featherington in Bridgerton season 3?

At the end of Bridgerton season three episode five, a lawyer comes looking for Jack, attempting to poke into his finances and whereabouts. Is Lady Featherington about to be unmasked?

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