Brie Larson slammed for ‘white saviour role’ in new film Basmati Blues: ‘This is embarrassing’

Emma Powell
Under fire: Brie Larson in Basmati Blues

Brie Larson has been accused of perpetuating stereotypes after sparking a race row online over her new film Basmati Blues.

Larson, 28, plays an American scientist who heads to India to sell genetically modified rice, only to later discover it will destroy the farmers she set out to help.

But the trailer has now come under fire, with some accusing film bosses of stereotyping Indian culture by having a white person “save” an Indian village.

The clip was branded “embarrassing” while others blasted it “white nonsense” and questioned why an Oscar-winning actress would take on the role.

One user tweeted: “So f****** done with Hollywood films of white people coming to save our souls & rice & lands! Blood Diamond formulaic b*******! Disgusted by @brielarson's choice, what a sellout! F*** the white saviour narrative in films...nothing is further from the truth! (sic).”

Another wrote: “I cannot believe Brie Larson is gonna be in a movie called... wait for it... Basmati Blues, where she plays a white savior helping out the local Indian population. Smh.”