Bright 2 confirmed by Netflix, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton to return

Jack Shepherd

Despite the widely negative reviews, Bright has quickly broken numerous Netflix records, becoming the highest viewed original film ever on the streaming service in its first week of release.

As was highly publicised before release, Netflix has already scheduled a sequel, something that has now been officially confirmed.

Alongside the announcement, Netflix released a video featuring two orcs pretending to audition for the upcoming sequel — Joel Edgerton plays the leading orc in the original.

Directed by David Ayer, Bright sets itself in an alternate present-day LA, where Will Smith plays a cop partnered with the LAPD's first orc officer (Edgerton).

In this world, orcs are an oppressed race, elves are the highest-ranking in society, fairies are deemed to be pests, and dragons roam the sky. Wands, magic, and prophecies also play large roles in the gritty comedy-action.

Bright is currently available on Netflix, while the sequel does not yet have a release date. Smith and Egerton are expected to return with Ayer likely back as director.