Bright Christmas: California Resident Puts on Extravagant Holiday Light Display

California lighting designer Tom BetGeorge does not mess around when it comes to holiday light displays. For several years, the over-the-top Christmas and Halloween light shows he mounts on the outside of his house in Tracy have been going viral.

In this video, shared on December 12, BetGeorge shows off his 2019 display, featuring shooting stars, snowflakes, and candy canes.

BetGeorge, whose music-synced light displays are known for their creativity, told Storyful he puts on the show for two hours a night on weekends to raise money for the McHenry House, a local family shelter.

As a result of his internet fame, what began as a hobby expanded into something bigger for the light display showman. “I now also do theme parks across the world after they saw my videos,” BetGeorge told Storyful. Credit: Tom BetGeorge via Storyful

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