Brighten up breakfast with colourful kettles for every budget

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Do you truly love your kettle? Does the sight of it make you smile or does it just boil water?

When our homes say so much about us, functional homeware shouldn’t compromise in the looks department. Just because an item is an everyday basic, it doesn’t mean aesthetics go out the window.

If you would agonise over your scatter cushions or bedside lamps, why not extend the same attention to detail to your kettle?

It’s my strongly held belief that everything in a home should be chosen because you feel drawn to the design and it brings pleasure to look at or use.

Interior designer Sophie Rowell agrees. “I usually hate kettles and toasters but Hay’s Sowden design looks amazing in my kitchen and I love the brown and blue together as a colour combination – it’s the first electric kettle I’ve ever wanted to buy”.

I’ve taken that ‘everything matters’ sensibility and I apply it to everything in the kitchen – from dish drainers to colanders to the pouring kettle we use to make coffee.

I want everything around me at home to feel consciously hand-picked, so when I’m doing something ritualistic and boring like making tea or washing dishes, it’s as pleasurable as it possibly can be.

Selfridges Home Buyer, Eleanor Gregory, says: “We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, either cooking or hosting, so you want it to feel like an extension of your style. Colourful and design-led kitchenware adds to that sense of fun and personality.”

Retro kitchenware is floating my boat at the moment, so I’d invest in the colourful and tonal mix-and-match Hay Sowden range or the De’Longhi Argento Silva range in mustard or pale blue.

You could also look at Swan, Stelton and RigTig for coloured kettles with more of a pared-back Nordic vibe or Alessi’s Plisse range for a modish and conceptual edge.

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