Brisbane Boy Touched by Tragedy Overjoyed as Police Gift Him With Puppy

In a touching gesture, police in the Brisbane suburb of Stafford gifted a young boy with a puppy as something to “love and care for” as he deals with the tragic death of his father.

This footage, filmed on November 22 and posted to Twitter by the Queensland Police, shows young Remi Rooney sitting in different police vehicles before he is surprised with a Labrador puppy.

Remi’s father, Kerry Rooney, was fatally stabbed earlier this year. His mother, Bonita Vivien Coue, who was Kerry Rooney’s ex-wife, has been charged with his murder.

“He’s had a traumatic time and this is for him, something for him to love and care for, as a gift from his community. It’s like a big community hug for Remi,” Senior Constable Karen Watson said.

The police and the local community also raised funds to support Remi and his new pet. Credit: Queensland Police Service via Storyful

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