Brit teacher seriously injured in Thailand balcony fall ‘slowly recovering use of arms’

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Jill Dodds (GoFundMe)
Jill Dodds (GoFundMe)

A British teacher who fell 20 feet off a balcony while working in Thailand is slowly recovering the use of her arms, her sister has said.

Jill Dodds, 47, had been celebrating at an end-of-term Christmas party when the fence she leant on gave way.

She suffered serious spinal injuries in the fall on December 18, leaving her unable to use her hands, wrists and her legs. Another person broke their collarbone in the fall.

Her family and friends are now appealing for help to get Ms Dodds home to Morpeth when she is well enough to travel.

In an update posted on a crowdfunding page, her sister, Katie Breeze, said the next few days were critical to see how successful an operation was.

She said: “Jill is getting moved to a private room where she will have 24 hour care. She has started having more jolts in her legs which is a good sign.

“She is slowly regaining more use of her arms”.

Ms Breeze added: “The next few days are crucial to see how successful the operation was and over the next coming weeks of what the long term story will be.

“Once we know more will be in a position to start looking at the best way to get Jill home.”

So far nearly £18,000 has been raised to help Ms Dodds who needs full-time care as she recovers.

Due to her injuries, the 47-year-old teacher, who has lived in Thailand for six years, needs assistance with eating and uses a straw to drink.

She has had an operation where metal rods were inserted into her back aimed at relieving some of the pressure on her nerves.

But family have been told that the long-term damage from the injuries is unclear, after having initially been told that it would take two years for Ms Dodds to walk again.

More than 600 people have donated to the fund to help Ms Dodds, with many leaving messages of support.

“So sorry to hear of this awful accident Jill. Thinking of you and wishing you the best for your recovery,” said one well-wisher.

Another added: “As a mother I can only imagine how much your family want you home - love and positive wishes to you all”.

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