Average Brit worker earns £1,700 EVERY YEAR for doing nothing

The average worker in Britain earns £1,700 a year in total for doing absolutely nothing, with employees spending nearly 16 days per year away from their desks.

Office bods also earn a not-too-shabby £357 every year - just for making cups of tea and coffee in the office.

A new survey shows that office workers in the UK spend more than three working days a year in the kitchen (24.6 hours) to make their hot drinks.

Some 6.5% of their salary is earned while taking breaks, having a cigarette or making the tea.

With the average British adult working an average of 36.5 per cent hours a week and earning approx £25,400 a year - this equals a staggering £1,670 earned while not working.

The figures come from a survey of 2,000 workers for www.360vouchercodes.co.uk.

Money for nothing: Smokers earn £255 a year on cigarette breaks (Rex/posed by models)

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The survey revealed how during the course of the average working year, employees will spend 5.6 working days on social media.

This equals £597 every year, with those aged 25-34 spending the most time reading social updates.

Women spend almost one third more time on social media than men do while at work.

Even though the amount of people who smoke in the UK has decreased, 37% of office workers in Britain still spend 17.6 hours each per year taking smoke breaks at work, costing their employers £255 per year.

Employees also spend almost six working days a year using the toilet (42.9 hours), earning £622 per annum in the process, 2.45% of the average office workers’ salary.

Take a break: Social media use is higher for female workers (Rex/posed by model)

When asked how much they spend while shopping online at work, office workers admitted to spending an average of £176 a year shopping at their desk.

Respondents in London admitted to devoting the most time browsing online shops, with almost 6% spending over £100 per month.

Londoners also spend the most time on social media, with 4% spending over an hour a day surfing social channels.

The survey also revealed that 15% of respondents work for free in either charity or voluntary placements.

Mike Meade, CEO at 360vouchercodes.co.uk, commented: “As it stands, I think the UK’s office workers will be pleased with these statistics, as it is a human right to be able to go to the toilet or make yourself a drink during your working day.”

Top pic: Rex/posed by model

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