Britain's Got Talent 2018: five must-see auditions for episode two from a dancer who survived the Manchester Arena attack to a comedian with no voice

Natasha Sporn
Episode two: There wasn't a shortage of talent in the second week of the competition: ITV/Syco /Thames

The second episode of Britain’s Got Talent was packed full of the good, the bad and the bizarre as the search for the next Royal Variety act sifted through more hopefuls.

Although there wasn’t a golden buzzer this week, there was no shortage of talent from stand-up performers to same-sex dancers and even an acrobatic act comprised of one man balancing his brother on his head but there were also some lows that left the judges dumbfounded as they watched terrible dance acts and heard screeching singers.

But perhaps the most poignant reminder of what this show can be all about came in the final part of the show, when Hollie Booth and her friends performed their routine to an Ariana Grande medley.

Here are our five must-see auditions from the second episode of Britain’s Got Talent…

RISE: The young dance group performed to a medley of Ariana Grande hits (ITV/Syco/Thames)

David and Javier

The same-sex dancers wowed the judges with their salsa routine, set to traditional music for the genre that certainly got Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon bopping in their seats. Even Simon Cowell was tapping along…we saw you Cowell! The joy spread to the wings where Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly attempted a dip move.

Even though David Walliams buzzed in jest at the revelation one of the men had a partner, the pair received a full sweep of yeses.

Andrew Lancaster

The 32-year-old had everybody in the audience in stitches with his comedy routine – featuring the likes of President Donald Trump, Professor Brian Cox and comedian Russell Brand.

The judges were similarly entertained, rewarding Andrew with four yeses with Cowell complimenting him on his “topical and current” routine.

Kaptain Rock

Perhaps one of the most baffling auditions to date, Kaptain Rock took to the stage in silver regalia to play his light sabre guitar (yes, you read that correctly).

However, his routine could be a contender for the quickest buzz-out in history as all four judges hit their red buttons not even a few seconds after he began. “GOODBYE” chimed Walliams. Indeed.

(Special mention: Jim the Dancing clock also got buzzed off after failing to strike lucky with his routine, which was all a bit wooden)

Lost Voice Guy

Lee Ridley impressed the judges and entertained the audience with his comedy routine, spoken entirely through an iPad app. The 37-year-old from Newcastle has cerebral palsy, which has left him unable to speak.

His unique routine earned him a standing ovation and a full house of yeses, sending him through to the next round, with Walliams hailing him “one of the best” he’s ever seen.


Dominating the last part of the episode came perhaps one of the most emotional routines seen to date as a group of 11 dancers aged 10-24 performed to a medley of Ariana Grande hits.

Performing wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the Manchester Bee, the group explained they had been together five or six years but had choreographed this routine after 13-year-old Hollie Booth was injured in the Manchester Arena bombing.

Hollie, who suffered a broken knee, a broken leg and nerve damage in the blast, had been at the concert with her mum Claire and aunt Kelly Brewster on 22 May 2017 when a bomb was detonated in the foyer just as the Dangerous Woman tour ended. Brewster was killed in the attack.

Hollie explained to the camera that she was asking her doctors when she could go back to dancing just days after the attack, with them unsure if she could or would. The group of friends choreographed the routine to get Hollie back into dancing.

The Sheffield teenager, who returned to Manchester for the audition, and her group received four yeses following heart-felt praise and comments from the judges – who went backstage to meet the girls personally after.