Britain's youngest entrepreneur launches garden and maintenance business

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Britain's youngest entrepreneur has launched a garden and maintenance business aged SIX - and vowed to become a millionaire. Brave Alfie Bradley has battled a severe speech disorder to set up his own firm Alfred's Cutting Services during lockdown. He already has a string of regular clients and is re-investing all profits into growing the business. The socially conscious go-getter - who charges £10 a job - even offers a discount to NHS staff who employ his services. Alfie, of Redruth, Cornwall, said: "I want to be a millionaire." The schoolboy is assisted by his dad Anthony, 45, but the family say all the work carried out and the idea behind it was all his. And he has already upgraded his mower and bought with a jet-wash with the wages he has earned. Mum Amy Bradley, 34, said: "There's no stopping him. He's like a mini Richard Branson. "He's always on his feet doing something so lockdown really restricted him from doing things outside of our home. "Then he figured out a way of keeping moving as well as helping other people." Alfie is busy building his customer base through word of mouth and a dedicated Facebook page. He has three 'regular clients' and several others who have paid him for one-off work. He has also produced a fully liveried 'work uniform.' Amy said her son's achievements were all the more remarkable as he was diagnosed with a speech disorder when he was just four. This affects how he hears and pronounces sounds but with help of his teachers, speech therapy and support he has started to improve. Amy continued: "Alfie was completely non verbal until he was nearly four, that impacted a lot on his social skills and made him terrified of the outside world. "This business is just a massive thing for Alfie. "Academically he's very behind and has to have personal help from an assistant but it's never stopped him from being so hands on and determined." Alfie is now branching out from garden services into cleaning windows. The grass cutting idea first came to him when his dad Anthony came across two strimmers that needed fixing. Amy added: "Sadly, the strimmers couldn't be fixed but Alfie's grandad got involved to let him know he had a lawn mower for sale and the business grew from there. "His dad goes with him on every job and all the work is done with social distancing in place. "After a few jobs Alfie was able to find himself a better lawn mower, strimmer and pressure washer from the money he'd made from all of his clients." "He has a few regular clients and so many other people who have paid for the odd job. "He charges £10 but if someone is elderly or an NHS worker he does it a bit cheaper." Alfie said he wanted to become a millionaire so he could buy a garage for his dad and Uncle Lee "so we can all work together." He added: "Granddad is 83 and still tinkers with cars. "I just want everyone in the world to be happy."