These are Britain’s best breakdown services

Darren Cassey, PA Motoring Reporter
·1-min read

LV Britannia Rescue has been rated the best breakdown service in Britain by motorists.

Data from consumer magazine What Car?’s Reliability Survey shows that this provider reached more than three-quarters of stranded drivers in less than an hour.

The survey quizzed 12,892 motorists – with 12 per cent answering questions about their breakdown provider – on how long it took patrols to find them, with What Car? creating a satisfaction rating based on how many motorists were reached within an hour and how many cars were fixed permanently or temporarily at the roadside.

LV Britannia Rescue topped the charts with a rating of 72.6 per cent, followed by the AA (68.8 per cent) and Green Flag (67.4 per cent).

While the chart-toppers got to motorists the quickest, the RAC was the best at permanently fixing cars by the roadside, doing so at 48 per cent of callouts. The AA, LV and RAC all provided a permanent or temporary fix at 64 per cent of callouts.

Steve Huntingford, editor of What Car?, said: “Most motorists will experience a breakdown at one point or another. Standing by the roadside is never fun, so it’s worth knowing who to call to ensure you are reached quickly by a competent mechanic who will help you get on with your journey as soon as possible. Our research shows which are the best providers to help you get back on the road.”

When shopping for breakdown cover, What Car? found that it can be had for as little as £19 per year. However, it’s always worth shopping around because the level of cover can vary, with features such as the maximum number of callouts or how far a vehicle can be towed differing between providers.