Britain First supporter thrown off tram for insulting passengers with racist tirade

Video footage of a Britain First supporter being thrown off a tram in Sheffield has gone viral.

The man’s Islamophobic rant was caught on camera by a fellow passenger, who warned him “you’ll be an internet sensation tomorrow”.

He replied, “do you think I’m bothered?”

The man’s anger was directed at a black male passenger and his daughter (You Tube/Victoria Hindle)

The man’s racist musings have now been viewed more than 175,000 times, after being filmed for nearly three minutes by Victoria Hindle, 32.

The angry man raged that he was “with [English Defence League founder] Tommy Robinson on this. I’m with Britain First on this”.

He insisted, “I’m not being racist, I’m quoting things from the Quran. If I’m going to be arrested for quoting things from the Quran that’s happened, how come Muslims aren’t arrested for preaching it?”

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The original targets of the man’s rage were a black male passenger and his daughter.

When the man attempted to reason with the yob, saying “everyone’s got their own beliefs”, the man marched over to him.

He told the man: “Don’t put your hands up to me, mate, else I will f***ing knock you straight out.” (You Tube/Victoria Hindle)
The female instructor ordered the man to leave his fellow passengers alone (You Tube/Victoria Hindle)

Then, when the black man put up a hand, the racist responded with threats, saying: “Don’t put your hands up to me, mate, else I will f***ing knock you straight out.”

At this point a female conductor arrived, telling him to leave his fellow passengers alone.

The man unleashed a volley of foul language in response, accusing his victims of “f***ing attacking me!”

He then headed down the carriage, abusing more of his fellow passengers. Outraged by his language, the conductor ordered him off the tram.

He responded that he was “off anyway, you daft c***”, before eventually alighting.

Victoria carried on filming after the man had left the train (You Tube/Victoria Hindle)

Ms Hindle said: “The whole incident was quite scary. He was one of those people that are all mouth and I just wanted to film it to show people what he was doing.”

South Yorkshire Police told Yahoo News that, while they are aware of the incident, the man has not yet been arrested.

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