Britain’s Got Talent stars bring music of Elvis Presley and Dean Martin to Govan

Jive Aces.
Jive Aces.

THOSE with a love of swing and jazz music are in for a treat next month as the Jive Aces come to Glasgow.

The Britain’s Got Talent 2012 semi-finalists will be performing in the city next month as part of their first tour since lockdown.

The six-piece, who are the UK’s number one jive and swing band, are looking forward to getting people back on their feet as they perform the music of Bobby Darren, Dean Martin and Louis Prima, as well as many of the songs made popular by Elvis Presley.

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Ian Clarkson, who sings and plays ukulele and trumpet, says it’s "amazing" to be back out in front of a live audience after two years of online live streams due to the pandemic.

Ian said: "The first gig we did was like flying, like ‘wow, that’s what it actually like, now I remember’.

"It was a big show and that rapport and that two-way communication and everything with the audience and building up until it’s like a big party and everyone’s enjoying themselves - that whole feeling, we hadn’t had that for two years and then you remember why you love it so much."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The band, who has worked with stars from John Travolta to Van Morrison, have previously played at the city’s Grand Ole Opry, as well as Paisley Town Hall, and say they are looking forward to getting back on stage in front of a Glasgow audience.

Ian said: "They’re really alive and really up for a good time and whenever it’s dancing, and this one will be for dancing, there’s always a lot of rock ‘n’ roll people come and they jive and swing and keep going the whole time having a good time - that’s what it’s all about.

"We’re looking forward to being back, we do love it there and we love being in Scotland."

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And it seems like those heading to see them at the Fairfield Club will be in for an energetic and exciting show.

"We’ll be wearing our yellow suits, we do a lot of showmanship, a lot of piano playing, I’ll be jumping up and down in the air and doing the splits and doing a handstand while playing the piano", Ian says.

"We’re all jumping around and stuff like that so it’s a lot of energy both on stage and off stage with the dancing.

"If people haven’t been out for a long while because of the pandemic, definitely get out and let’s get live music and everything going again.

"It’s good watching stuff on YouTube but nothing’s the same as watching and hearing live music and also having a dance, having a bop to it."

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Ian said it was his love of Elvis Presley that first got him interested in jive and swing music after he would listen to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s music on his mum’s 1950s record player.

"When I was about 12 or 13 I was into Elvis and then I’d look on the sleeve notes and read and see ‘oh he was influenced by such and such blues artist in Memphis’," he says.

"Then I’d go out and I’d buy an album of that person, and the whole band were a bit like that really, we sort of worked our way backwards as everyone else was getting into whatever was trendy and in the charts at the time.

"We were all working our way backwards into jive and swing and jazz and rhythm and blues"

He added: "What I love about it is it’s mainly upbeat and it’s fun and it’s good time music, and all that music of the 1940s and 50s after the war, it was all happy, fun music basically."

The Jive Aces will be at the Fairfield Club in Govan on Friday, August 12.

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