Britain is a Nation of... Apologetic phone users

Would you check your social media during a meal in a restaurant with friends (Getty Images)

Yahoo News UK and YouGov have launched a new podcast called ‘Britain is a Nation Of…‘, a stats-based look at the quirky side of British behaviour.

This week’s discussion is all about the very British topic of manners, with input from William Hanson, professional etiquette and manners consultant and the host of the ‘Help I sexted my Boss podcast’.

Tune in to find out how many Brits think it’s OK to check social media during a meal at a restaurant with friends, and to hear whether Brits really are as polite as the rest of the world thinks.

Listen to the full episode of Britain is a Nation of… below

Listen to the full episode above, or download it on Apple Podcasts, Acast, or Spotify to listen while on the go.

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