Britain's biggest family's Sue Radford shares struggles on 18th holiday in 20 months

Sue Radford
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/@theradfordfamily)

Sue Radford, mother of a whopping 22, has showcased the real struggles of handling her enormous family as she navigates another half-term holiday.

The 49 year old, known for her part in Channel 5's 22 Kids and Counting, is currently on her 18th trip away in just 20 months - regardless of fan disapproval over her frequent travel plans - sharing images of the UK's largest family embarking on the Eurostar towards France.

She posted on her Instagram stories, threading through a McDonald's pit-stop and revealing a mammoth queue for the Channel Tunnel with an exclamation: "Oh my goodness it's so busy," alongside footage of the daunting queue.

Furthermore, she made clear that their destination was not Disneyland - again - by posting a snap of a motorway and mentioning they had "two hours to go" after already devoting nearly half a day to travelling.

The reality TV mum later showed a picture of a campsite where her children were enjoying their breakfast under the sun, indicating they had reached their destination, reports the Mirror.

Sue Radford children
Sue Radford children

Sue Radford, who excitedly announced she would become a grandmother for the 15th time when her daughter Katie welcomes her child, strongly defended herself against criticism earlier this month from a follower accusing her of squandering taxpayers' cash on her holidays.

Taking to Instagram to spotlight an angry exchange, after her post featuring family holiday photos in their £40,000 motorhome, she shared a message from a man named Adam. His response was: "You are disease...[It's] paid for by the tax payer" - this in retaliation to a photo of the Radfords relishing a barbecue on vacation in their plush vehicle.

In response, she penned: "I wonder if Adam is a high rate taxpayer or if Adam pays tax at all? Maybe he's a bit p****d he doesn't own a motorhome. I would be too as we b****y love it paid for with our hard-earned high rate tax payers money," topped off with a facepalm emoji.

Later, the mum-of-22 later posted on her Instagram Stories: "Sorry, I'd never share anything like this, BUT we get lots of these so just want to clarify, Adam is a D**K."

She then disclosed: "Sorry, I've stewed on this since yesterday and it's wound me up more than it should. Sick of messages like this s**t. You need to educate yourself before messaging this s**t as I won't tolerate it anymore."

Teasing about future plans while claiming more holidays are upcoming, she quipped: "Off to bed now as we've got lots more holidays coming up, which I'm sure Adam won't approve of," coupled with a laughing till tears emoji. Sue concluded with a dig: "All paid for by our money. Make sure to check in Adam, which I'm sure you will! ".

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