Britain's favourite Quality Street and Roses have been revealed ahead of Christmas

The chocolate lovers of the UK have spoken and revealed their favourite chocolates in a box of Quality Street and Roses.

The poll by YouGov Omnibus found that the nation’s favourite Quality Street is the Purple One.

Almost four of out ten (37%) lovers of Quality Street say the Purple One, filled with caramel and hazelnut, is their favourite.

It was followed by the praline Green Triangle on 27% and the Caramel Swirl on 26%.

Fruit fans helpted the Strawberry Delight and Orange Creme round out the top five with 22% and 21% of the vote respectively.

The Milk Choc Block was next on 20%, but there was little chocolate love for the once-adored Toffee Penny, down on 16%, just one place above the bottom feeder, Coconut Eclair.


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Over in the box of Cadbury Roses, there was a similar top choice, with most of it fans (28%) also going for the Hazel in Caramel treat – also in a purple wrapper.

The traditional Golden Barrel was joint second with 25%, along with the delicious Hazel Swirl (the one in the purple and orange wrapper).

The Strawberry Dream was fourth on 20%. Brazilian Darkness was the least popular Roses treat, with just 10% of chocolate eaters saying it was their favourite.

YouGov also revealed the nation’s favourite Cadbury Heroes and Celebrations.

In the Heroes box, Twirl came out on top with 34%, followed by Dairy Milk (33%) and Wispa (29%).

As expected, the Creme Egg Twisted (21%) and Chocolate Eclair (17%) brought up the rear.

Which is your favourite Quality Street? (Picture: Rex)
Which is your favourite Quality Street? (Picture: Rex)

The most popular Celebration was the Malteasers Teaser with 39%, followed by Galaxy on 29% and Galaxy Caramel on 27%.

The Mars Celebration came in last with just 15%.

‘As Christmas draws in families and workplaces will soon be stocking up on tubs of selection chocolates, followed shortly thereafter by bickering over the best treats contained within,’ said YouGov.

‘A lucky few will experience a perfect harmony of preferences, finding that the chocolates they like the most are hated by everyone they’re sharing them with.

‘But in far more cases an unseemly scrabble for the best chocolates will take place, leaving the weaker members of the group to scavenge through a sad-looking tub of mini-Bountys.’

(Main picture: YouGov)