Britain's Got Talent fans praise 'sensational' Sydnie Christmas despite controversy over the singer's previous experience

 Sydnie Christmas performs 'My Way' during the BGT 2024 semi-finals.
Sydnie Christmas performs 'My Way' during the BGT 2024 semi-finals.

Sydnie Christmas has won ITV's Britain's Got Talent, announced on tonight's (Sunday 2nd June) grande finale for her performance of Over The Rainbow.

The 'sensational' singer scooped a cash prize of £250,000, as well as the chance to perform at Britain's Royal Variety Performance.

After the win, Sydnie said emotionally, "I am overwhelmed with love and it's the most amazing thing, and I wish every person in this room feels the way I do with this love. It's amazing. Thank you so much."

Viewers were quick to congratulate the singer online, despite some previously raising concerns about her background as a trained singer.

'Everyone said Syndie [Sydnie] Christmas is a professional singer who doesn't deserve to win.

'Suppose the production knows that and puts her in #BritainsGotTalent, then it's not her fault. Based on her performance, she deserves to win. Well done you,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter).

But another fan queried previously, 'Syndie [Sydnie] Christmas is a ringer she has sang in west end musical it's farcical Simon. Time to change the format.'

However, most commenters were extremely positive about Sydnie's performance, with another writing, 'Syndie [Sydnie] Christmas, that is sensational.'

While another said, 'No doubt about it, Syndie [Sydnie] Christmas is very talented…'

While another said previously of the singer, 'I’m sorry but I have to say, Sydnie Christmas is one of, if not THE best singer BGT has ever had.

'I can’t believe what she’s capable of. She just swept hundreds of X Factor finalists under the rug! If she doesn’t win this series, it’s so over for them.'

But another BGT fan replied more scathingly, 'She’s already been on the west end so bit of a cheat really.'

While another said, 'So last night you were criticising #BLITZERS for being “established” but now you are supporting an already “established” singer!! Very disappointed in this account!!'

While another wrote, 'Ladies and gentlemen I give you the winner of bgt 2024 SYDNIE CHRISTMAS absolutely fantastic You go girl.'

Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden said, "I know how long you have waited for this moment, it was utterly spellbinding and perfect in every way. It was just gold dust."

While Aleesha Dixon commented, "You just radiate hope and joy and light. And there was something about that performance and that emotion, I felt it move through my body with you."

And Simon Cowell added, "That was really something special. That lyric felt so personal to you about what you must have wanted over the years with a God-given talent like that and for whatever reason you've been ignored. I actually felt very emotional."

Sydnie beat nuclear engineer-turned-magician Jack Rhodes and Ghanaian dancing duo Abigail and Afronitaaa to the top spot in the Britain's Got Talent final.