Britain's Got Talent fans praise Ant for comforting 8-year-old Issy Simpson

Last night’s Britain’s Got Talent results show tugged on all of our heartstrings after it got a bit too much for eight-year-old magician Issy Simpson.

The schoolgirl was clearly overwhelmed when hosts Ant and Dec announced that her spellbinding act had been voted into the top three by viewers at home and she promptly burst into tears.

Issy burst into tears of happiness.

Matt Edwards, another contestant who was stood beside her, quickly reached out to hold her hand as the hosts continued with the results, pulling her in for a hug when it was announced that he had also made the top three and Issy’s mum ran to comfort her daughter onstage.

Being passed a tissue by a member of crew, Issy’s mum wiped her eyes as Ant and Dec tried to make light of the situation, checking that she was okay before going on to announce that she was the one who had received the most votes from the viewing public and had gone straight through to Saturday night’s final.

Issy’s mum joined her on stage.

After the results had been announced, Ant focused his attention on Issy, attempting to make her laugh and even shielding her from the camera as he wiped her eyes and nose, quipping: “Let’s get those tears and that snot wiped off, don’t look everybody!”

Whilst Dec chatted to Matt, the other act to make it through to the finals, Ant continued to comfort Issy, swinging her arms, being silly, and even making a bizarre animal noise into the microphone in a bid to put a smile back on her face.

Ant wiped Issy’s tears.

In fact, the Geordie star was still chatting away to the overwhelmed little girl as the credits started to roll, and many touched viewers took to Twitter to praise Ant for how he handled the situation and applaud him for making the effort to comfort her:

Thankfully, Issy managed to compose herself so that she could chat to Stephen Mulhern on BGT’s sister show Britain’s Got More Talent straight after.

Chatting to the host in a pre-recorded interview, Issy thanked viewers for voting for her and teased that her final performance is going to involve her brother.

Needless to say, we are seriously excited to see what she does next!

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